About Jake Mayer


You are here because you are trying to get… There.

Some things are easier with a little help.

Seeking help isn’t easy.  So many of us are committed DIY-ers, feel intimidated by sharing our aspirations and ideas with others, or simply feel that we “should” be able to do it all ourselves.

And maybe you can.

But coaching is a shortcut to the results you want.  It is an auxiliary brain to offer a sounding board, encouraging you to dig deeper and question more. It is hard to have an unbiased perspective on yourself.

How I came to coaching

I was acupuncturist for many years.  It is powerful and sophisticated medicine, but it became clear to me that the most long-lasting change begins at home, within your daily actions.

After my own significant health crisis in my 30s, I subsequently landed in the publishing world, where projects require an extraordinary management of detail and long-term planning, as well as daily execution of a wide variety of tasks.   I can’t say it came easily to me as an adult with ADHD, but it can be done—and systems and support make all the difference.

I had initially resisted but ultimately received coaching for myself, and the results are unambiguous and effective.  My regret was only that I hadn’t started sooner. The whole coaching process really “clicked” for me, and I pursued my own coaching certification.

Coaching Bridges the Gap

I'm Jake.


I help writers & people with ADHD build the systems and tools they need to find success and satisfaction.

With years of practice management, business start-ups, marketing strategy, publishing, and coaching experience, I’ve got the skills to take you out of frustration and into freedom and profitability, regardless of where you’re starting from. I believe that with the right structure and knowledge, you can take your life from struggle to satisfaction, becoming the author of your story.

I treat your concerns as if it were my own, and I am 100% committed to your success on your terms.

Are you ready to get to together, gain traction,

And make some real progress?

“Jake has a fantastic way of helping others shift their lens…”

Kelsey Rice

Advocate for Women’s Justice

10 Fun Facts

  • I was born in NYC, raised in NJ, and have lived in MN, CA, MA, and NM.
  • I hold a Master of Science Degree in Chinese Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Comparative Religion/Buddhist Studies from Carleton College.
  • I am an active publisher and have been publishing and selling books for 15 years.
  • I am a certified business & success coach, with a special interest in ADHD.
  • I favor the Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen.
  • I was a practicing acupuncturist/herbalist for 20 years.
  • I have run with the bulls.
  • I love to cook (and have done so professionally).
  • I have created custom-branded products for Yankee Candle and Volkswagen.
  • I live in Santa Fe, NM with my wife, our two kids, and our dogs (Elwood and Pepper-Noodle).

Ways we can work together:




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